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04 March 2021 - Online

Scenarios for Low-Carbon Futures of the European Energy System

In this workshop, questions will be discussed vis-à-vis with other scenarios studies to identify similarities of pathway results (robust findings), understand differences and elaborate on consolidated findings in terms of relevance to latest EU strategies (e.g. the SET Plan and Green Deal).


Latest analyses on energy transition scenarios for Europe envision climate neutrality by 2050. The road or pathway to decarbonize the energy system will be driven by a combination of factors and synergies between technological development, policy exertion, and societal attitudes. In the openENTRANCE project, we have developed an original set of storylines to inspire modelers, policy makers, industry actors, and the public to understand:  If there are no major technological developments in the next decades, to what extent can we rely on societal commitment and stronger cooperation within the EU? What technological innovations (e.g. CCS, hydrogen, and others) could have the major impact to an effective European energy transition? 

Workshop objectives

  • Discuss on formulating and defining key storylines of low carbon futures for Europe
  • Compare European Pathways studies on how the results relate to the continuation of the SET-PLAN and the Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETP). Are the Green Deal policies sufficient for reaching 1.5/2.0 degrees targets in the longer term?
  • Present sector or perspective specific on pathways realization: Macroeconomics impacts and others.

Workshop program and organization

The workshop is organized by the openENTRANCE project ( together with   SUPEERA ( ). It is a half-day workshop arranged in two main parts:

  • Part I: Consists of a detailed presentation of the openENTRANCE scenarios results along with other scenario studies. Part I also includes a comparison exercise between the various scenario studies which is then followed up by a panel discussion.
  • Part II: The workshop examines the use of the pathways for sector or perspective specific analysis: macro-economic implications and pathways realization.

The workshop is entirely online with some 'get-together' watch parties organized by openENTRANCE partners in their respective countries (subjected to Covid-19 conditions).

The workshop is open! To attend the workshop, please register at  There you will also find further information about the workshop and the openENTRANCE project.

Workshop chairs and organizers: Dr. Pedro Crespo del Granado, Prof. Dr. Hans Auer, and Dr. Ingeborg Graabak. For more details or questions email: and

Practical information


04 Mar 2021


12:30 PM - 4:15 PM